Canada’s Extended Mission Against ISIS

May 12, 2015

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have conducted a campaign of unspeakable atrocities. ISIS has also made it clear that it targets Canada and Canadians. And the brutal attacks last fall ...

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Celebrating a Journey to Freedom

April 28, 2015

40 years ago, millions of Vietnamese men, women and children were forced to flee their homes in search of freedom. On April 30th, 1975, Saigon—the capital city of South Vietnam— was captured ...

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Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award

April 21, 2015

Have you met a volunteer whose work in the past year had a profound impact on your community? If so, now is your chance to recognize their accomplishments and nominate them for the Prime ...

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Remembering the Battle of Vimy Ridge

April 7, 2015

On April 9th, Canadians remember the courage and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, who during the First World War, triumphed over the German army at Vimy Ridge. While it was a remarkable ...

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