Supporting Communities and Vulnerable Canadians

July 22, 2014

Our Conservative Government remains committed to keeping our streets and communities safe from dangerous offenders, while also supporting victims of crime and vulnerable Canadians. That’s why we’ve introduced a significant overhaul of Canada’s prostitution laws with the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Prior to our Government’s action, Canada’s prostitution laws failed to criminalize […]

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Canada’s Global Leadership

July 15, 2014

Canada is positioned to be a strong voice in our global community. Our prominence and global influence on the world stage continues to grow under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In a time of global economic uncertainty, our Conservative Government has prioritized Canada’s economic recovery and resulted in significant measures of economic success. […]

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Delivering Results for Canadians

July 10, 2014

With the productive spring sitting of the House of Commons having come to a close, our Conservative Government has delivered important legislation to address the issues that are important to Canadian families. We know that the economy continues to be the top priority of Canadians, that’s why our Government continues to make it our top […]

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Standing with Ukrainians

July 2, 2014

At the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, our Conservative Government was one of the first voices on the international stage to offer explicit support for the Ukrainian people in their struggle to restore democracy, freedom and the rule of law. We expressed outrage at the use of military force against civilians, and mourned the […]

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MP Gill Highlights Canada’s Most Ambitious Pro-Trade Plan in History

June 23, 2014

BRAMPTON, ON- Today Member of Parliament Parm Gill highlighted the Harper government’s plan to support Canadian workers and businesses for continued success, economic growth and prosperity in Brampton and across Canada. Since 2006, Canada has concluded free trade agreements with 10 countries, including the recent Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement, Canada’s first free trade agreement in […]

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